Jesus I love Linux ... First day using it,
anything I should mess with it?

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    Don’t mess with it just to mess with it. When you think of an idea to improve your environment, do that. Or go looking for ideas to improve the environment, but don’t just mess with it without direction.
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    @FrodoSwaggins yeah, otherwise you’ll end up fucking everything up for no good reason
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    @-vim- Or you be me and fucked everything up trying to improve my environment lol
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    @Stuxnet at least there’s a benefit if you succeed.

    Like fucking up your install because you tried to migrate from arch to parabola (thank god for backups), is acceptable because you had a reason. Fucking up because you were messing with your system for no reason is just stupid.
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    simple speedtest:
    dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/null &
    pkill -USR1 dd
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    Play with 0ad
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    get the synaptic package manager
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    Tune the shit out of it. Make the smallest package set you can get away with that still does everything you need. Make it as responsive as you can. If you're on a laptop, make it as power efficient as you can and so on...

    Basically, have fun and do something productive.
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    set up ssh maybe?
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    learn bash command line commands and scripting.

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    Nothing... That's the trick
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    From what I've experienced you dont mess with Linux, Linux will mess with you xD
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    @konicm8ker ++ true words.
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    Go ahead and get the official nvidia drivers running. I expect you back here with an xorg related rant in, let‘s say, 8 hours.

    Other than that welcome on the light side.
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    Use it, get to know it. If there is something you don't like or that you think "this could be better" or "I would like this to look different" then sure, go ahead and make some changes to that.

    I way too often get caught up in trying to make my system pretty, but really, thats not necessary and not worth it if you screw something up IMO.

    good luck. :)
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    Maybe start learning vim for linux
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    @Godisalie Wayland support isn’t great either and nouveau doesn’t work on some cards.
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    Thank you for the responses
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    @fuckWindows common convincing newbies to commit digital harakiri is not funny anymore.
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