Muscle soreness!

As per my 2019 resolution, I want to hit the gym at least 3 days per week. But I only manage to go once a month. And the day after the gym, my muscles hurt that I'm not able to even type when coding.

Anyone like me, who struggled and managed to hit the gym as desired? Any tips?

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    You just gotta power through it. Hitting the gym should take about an hour. It really doesn't take up very much time at all. Eventually your workout will feel like a normal part of your day. It may even start to feel like a welcome break to the monotony of everyday life. Eventually your muscles will get used to all of the extra work and stop being sore entirely.

    Also try to work your way up to a full workout. For example, I swim, on my first day I did 10 laps in the pool and felt completely drained. Every day I did the same 10 laps until it was easy, then increased my workout. Now I have to swim for at least 30 minutes to feel the same amount of fatigue. Start out small to build the habit, then gradually increase your workout.
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    After first try muscles will be sore for about 1-2 weeks. Never had it last as long as a month, but it could be because of wrong diet/supplement usage before and after workout or you spent too much time there and did too much damage or it is just your body having slow regen. You can actually make your muscles weaker if you workout too much, tho that usually is close to impossible for beginners.
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    Take it easy and get moving first before smashing it... I have a really high level of fitness but if I haven’t gone for a long time I spend the first month going regularly and do very light weights and focus on the movement to get joints and muscles used to the exercise. After a few weeks of a solid routine and slowly increasing the weight or reps you’ll feel like naturally lifting/doing more. Allow that to happen and don’t feel guilty about starting slow. Consistently over everything is key.
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    In the beginning or after pausing soreness is really hard, but after some weeks training, I don't feel it as much and also the pain is gone, mostly replaced by a general fatigue.

    Key for me to build a routine is going to the gym 3 times a week directly after work, without going home first. It takes a lot effort to get my ass up when I go home first.
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    as others said, routine is key.

    Although, you might want to evaluate if your approach is the right one. I for one discovered that going to the gym alone isnt working. Even when i do my own plan going to the gym with a friend helps a lot.

    I moved, no friends in town, no gym visits.

    BUT, i discovered i like climbing. Bouldering to be exact. It basically works my entire upper body and the walk to my closest bouldering hall can be considered warm up. After 2 hours of bouldering i sleep like a stone and wake up with the feeling of having done something. Its awesome. I playified my work out schedule and actually build up some muscles through it. Having a partner here helps, but its not out of the ordinary to meet new people, its a social sport more or less.

    Although, i must warn you, there are some health risk that come with climbing..like actually falling down or long term damage to your fingers.
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    After a half an hour of work out you should drink an isotonic drink like gatorade/powerade. And afterwards more water. It helps against the exhaustion. Also start small, 15min on the crosscardiotrainer is more than enough in the beginning.
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    Just keep at it. Muscle soreness will go away after 2 Weeks of training. But keep in mind when you beginning your body need to adapt so do not overexercise and try to get the routine in.

    Doing the beginnings for a long time now. ^^'
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    isn’t this one of the best feelings? Like you feel your body and know you’re yet alive and hell yeah it was hard but you did it right. So just enjoy it :)
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    I did it...

    My advice: Dont be a pussy 😁

    Do it for discipline firstly and health secondly. Big guns come as a side effect.
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    Like others said - discipline first. Secondly stretch and warm yourself up before starting work out and do another round of warm up before leaving gym. Learnt it the hard way myself :)
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    Soreness should only be distracting for the first 2-4 gym visits. Soon after life will be easier the day after working out
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    Doing too much.

    Start gradually, build up.

    Something like 5x5 sets only.

    Even start with just one exercise per visit, and add another every couple of weeks.
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