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    Kill it with fire then
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    @Stuxnet in Mordor?
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    They have been saying this since the initial release of windows 10 though.
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    @spikadongalent Because of people like you (using IE as their default browser), my job as a full stack web developer becomes MORE F*CKIN' DIFFICULT...

    *Yes, yes, I know "all websites" should run on IE as well*
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    @Lyubo I guess that he made a joke
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    Then why is Sharepoint only working on this shit?
  • 3
    @nebula sharepoint from 7 years ago maybe?

    Modern sharepoint does explicitly NOT run on IE. they show that message at least.
  • 2
    He'll be fired after this statement
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    Nothing too see here, latestversion if ie is almost 6 years old... Would be like use ff, opera, safari or chrome 6 years old version
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    @nothappy nope because also ms often said that ie is old and deprecated
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    ... tou should use Edge instead
  • 1
    @billgates he didn’t say that. Anything but IE.
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    It is a "compatibility solution" now according to msft.. but still clients wont stop using it .. ;-;
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    Then for the love of God, stop asking to be my default
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    @Xenoslyce if you use an outdated OS than they will indeed ask you to default it to a outdated browser
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