I thought the web standards finally are a bit okay to work with. Just learnt that writing responsive HTML email templates really really feels like writing code which we did in the previous century. Tables. Tables everywhere. It's worse than table inception

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    The first thing that came to mind :D
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    Web is painful at the best of days.

    Emails are still in the dark ages, and remind us that big companies dont actually change.
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    Styling e-mail's is rough.

    MailChimp has some good resources on it.

    CSS in HTML Email: https://eepurl.com/dyilor


    You can use Litmus for testing
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    it's because nobody cares about email marketing, it hadn't evolved at all :/
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    I just came across this framework.


    Looks interesting!
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    I use mjml, it's nice.

    It's a framework for email templates.

    Use the framework components to structure your email, then export the ugly HTML for the template.

    And that's all.

    It's not perfect, but it's better than to do it "vanilla"
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    Another vote for MJML. I wrote a system for our API at my company that saves the MJML in a mongodb, renders it when needed, and uses handlebars (processed by merge vars and mandrill). It’s fuckin slick, and you can get a decent template up and running real quick
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