My girl friend broke up with me few days ago without any solid reason. Today i stopped her and ask her why she broke up with me and she started giving stupid reasons whereas she was the one who was actually guilty of those accusations.

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    I actually missed several team checkin just to be with her and also instead of implementing a feature requested by a client i was busy kissing the wrong girl
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    Dude, where is the story of code here?
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    I will put it now😂
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    I would've dumped her the moment I realized she always texts with CAPS LOCK ON. 😛
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    @svgPhoenix on God son.

    That shit is annoying as fuck. It's one thing to emphasize a story occasionally... All the time? Hell naw.

    Key characteristic of a psychopath 😂😂
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    @svgPhoenix also, that "dialect" 😐
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    @svgPhoenix meehn....😀😃
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    @Stuxnet my uncle does that to make the keyboard easier to read, but I doubt @zombieleet is dating a 70-yr-old

    @blem14 that is fairly common where @zombieleet lives
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    @blem14 that is how we speak in my country frequently but not in a formal gathering. It is like a low level form of english
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    a simple "At last!" reply would have been more than enough :)
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    @M1sf3t Idk man I might not be deep enough or something, but I've never seen anyone type like that, but it's definitely spoken like that
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    @M1sf3t tbh man I fucking love our dialect.

    Shit like "innit" isn't of "isn't it" makes it fun. The accent is a bit of a bitch to deal with, but mine isn't that thick so it's alright.
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    @M1sf3t using such phone is only reasonable explaination of typing like this... I never got it why, in era of internet texting and cheap SMS, people have to type every word as short as possible... That always made me think of a writer as a lazy, less eloquent person 😐
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    @M1sf3t I don't even have to go too far.

    I was at Myrtle Beach one time and when I was checking out at a store the dude was like "fuck man where are you from?" 😂😂
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    *1 month into relationship

    "I knew you never loved me".

    Jesus man. You don't need sex. You need someone to cuddle with.

    Pun intended.
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    From her messages she is clearly an idiot. However writing long-ass messages feeling like you are smart and self-reflecting is no good either.

    I used to do that when I was 16 or so, read these messages of yours again ten years from now and beware of the cringe.

    Bottom line, when someone's not worth the time and effort - don't spend it.
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    Also, how the eff does any of this belong here? If you wanted to be the bigger man - well, trying to show up that clearly dumb girl with article-long messages that are not as smart as you think, which you then put on here, did not work out in that respect.
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    It's not her fault... You delayed in running this method: var_dump()
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    Still waiting for the code.

    Also, shouldn't that be a private matter, which will !age well in 10 years like someone said above ? This makes you both look like kids, and you look like an attention hungry one...
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    @M1sf3t Ya know what I think I've heard the part about Jackson that from you or someone else on here before.

    But my accent really isn't thaaat thick, it's just when I said a specific word that we don't really enunciate in my hometown, it threw him off. Had to break it down into 4 syllables lmao.

    I do my best to use proper English, but it's too late to remove "ain't" and "y'all" from my vocabulary. I'll say them without even realizing it at this point.
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    If a bitch type like dat imma scoot too ctfu
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