Unpopular opinion:

The "I hate everyone" mentality doesn't make you quirky or unique, it likely just means you're a real pain in the ass to deal with and/or have the social skills of a rock.

My name's Stux, and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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    Isn't that obvious? What?
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    I hate everyone.
    That includes you.
    Your opinion doesn't matter.
    Neither do you.


    (this haiku is dedicated to narcissism)
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    @EV-EV You'd be surprised how many people think they're just "unique," "quirky," and "not like most people" because of this attitude.

    I've seen some of it here too, tbh.

    Like it's one thing to hate pain in the ass clients, incompetent management, etc. But not everyone.
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    @NoMad That's good because some random asshole on internet's opinion shouldn't hold any weight.
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    @NoMad that's not a haiku
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    @Stuxnet Corollary: whatever it is that you think makes you unique or quirky, there are lots of people out there that have it too. Most likely, there isn't anything unique or special about you at all.
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    @ethernetzero don't recall saying I'm unique at all but ok man.
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    @Stuxnet No, no, it was an impersonal “you”, I wasn't referring to you specifically. I was just building from what you said, that's why I started with “Corollary:”.
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    @ethernetzero Oh my bad man.

    I'm tired as fuck and just took an exam so lmao

    But yeah you're right
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    @Alice *dum dum dummmm* 😂
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    I'm glad you noticed 😜


    🤔 That is true. I do like you. Either you're exception to the rule, or you just found the counter-hypothesis!
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    @SauceBoss Well i do my best to call out the bullshit when I see it lmao
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    Everyone is unique. You know, there is something called dna cross linking. Also environment have significant effect on our characteristic properties. That makes everyone unique.
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    @hack for every person there are an average of six people in the world with the same DNA code. So no, nobody is *really* unique. 😉 *

    * (of course there is this tiny little detail called "mind", though... 🙃)
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    Having one of those days, huh?
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    @telephantasm Nah it's just something that's been floating around my thoughts for a few days so I decided to write it out and post lol
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    I don't hate everyone, just about 95%.

    I also don't care if it makes me quirky or unique... people are just easy to hate.

    Well.... HATE might even be the wrong word.

    A lot of people's opinions, way of living, and actions are either neutral or borderline harmful in my opinion, and having to deal with them is tiresome, and counterproductive to my own goals.

    If I'm forced to sit down at a birthday and talk to some aunt I've never cared for, who is telling a story about her friend whose mother had an operation on her foot, I'm like zzzzzz.... I could be solving interesting shit right now.

    If a coworker comes up to me and starts blabbing about a soccer match and how many whores he fucked last Friday night, I'm like "dude don't talk to me, I'm thinking about database design at the moment, I hate you, I'll kick you in the balls if you follow me back to my desk, fuck off".
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    I don't think I am antisocial.

    If someone is intelligent or has an interesting passion, I pay careful attention.

    We'll have great conversations -- even if someone just explains how to crochet, or why they used a specific oil in their canvas paint, or how they became an entomologist. I don't fucking care, I'll listen if you talk passionately about sedimentary rock types or which 7 types of dishes you can make with basil.

    I feel like 95% of the people are antisocial by repeatedly bothering me with stories about shopping, shallow relationship drama, irrelevant family shitshows, sports fandom and other inane crap.

    When I reply "I'm sorry, soccer doesn't really interest me... but have you ever heard about the Punic wars and Carthaginian culture?" --- I'm NOT being antisocial.

    If anything, it's extremely rude in my opinion to neither invest time in becoming more interesting as a person, nor show interest in deeper subjects than reality TV, gossip and dumb memes.
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    Jeez. Feeling this way towards people was "OK" as teenagers, but fully grown adults feeling all special and entitled to "hate" others, because they're not compatible? Fuck that. Grow up.
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    Aristotle has some things interesting about this topic (sorry about the long text and probably not a good translation):

    "[...] There are also three other means, which have a certain likeness to one another, but differ from one another: for they are all concerned with intercourse in words and actions, but differ in that one is concerned with truth in this sphere, the other two with pleasantness; and of this one kind is exhibited in giving amusement, the other in all the circumstances of life. We must, therefore, speak of these too, that we may the better see that in all things the mean is praise-worthy, and the extremes neither praiseworthy nor right, but worthy of blame. Now, most of these states also have no names, but we must try, as in the other cases, to invent names ourselves so that we may be clear and easy to follow. -->
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    With regard to truth, then, the intermediate is a truthful sort of person and the mean may be called truthfulness, while the pretense which exaggerates is boastfulness and the person characterized by it a boaster, and that which understates is mock modesty and the person characterized by it mock-modest. With regard to pleasantness in the giving of amusement the intermediate person is ready-witted and the disposition ready wit, the excess is buffoonery and the person characterized by it a buffoon, while the man who falls short is a sort of boor and his state is boorishness. With regard to the remaining kind of pleasantness, that which is exhibited in life in general, the man who is pleasant in the right way is friendly and the mean is friendliness, while the man who exceeds is an obsequious person if he has no end in view, a flatterer if he is aiming at his own advantage, and the man who falls short and is unpleasant in all circumstances is a quarrelsome and surly sort of person."
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    I hate everyone and it includes me, you and everyone... If you think it is a problem of mine, fuck you and everyone...
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    Morty had the best answer for this tho

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    @NoMad haha agreed
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    @LexGear Fix it then, because shit social skills can be fixed

    I was shy as fuck most of my life but now I can talk to pretty much anyone whenever I need to.
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    I'm not quirky, etc.
    I'm a sociopath.
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    @Root Self awareness is key.
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    @bittersweet I really like you. You speak my mind!
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    Since when do sociopaths hate people? 🤔 Isn't the whole point of "others" being there to serve you and to be manipulated and played with? Sociopaths are generally very appealing and social, else they won't be able to get what they want.

    So unless you're lying, I don't think you're a sociopath 😜
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    I personally don't think that anger or hate is logical, after all, what someone will gain being that way? It will only satisfy a pleasure (all of us feel some pleasure in this feeling), but the ones who are moved by pleasure or urge or impulse, etc., are just animals not racionals.
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    @Alice you are indeed right!
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    @NoMad Manipulating people is definitely fun (and easy!), and kind of second nature for me. However, I'm an INTJ and despise incompetence, and the overwhelming majority of people are blundering morons, so despising people is kind of my default. It's possible im both sociopathic and misanthropic; definitely the latter, but I'm curious about the former. It's also possible I'm just extremely machiavellian without the rest of the sociopathic qualities. For example, I am still quite nice to people, even those I sincerely dislike, which doesn't really fit with being sociopathic. It does, however, fit extremely well with the lingering effects of growing up with abusive and narcissistic parents, which mine definitely were.

    Still, I'd be genuinely disappointed if i'm not at least a little sociopathic. 😅
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    “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.”

    -- Raylan Givens Justified
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    "Did you just called me an a**hole? What an a**hole!"

    At some point we'll have to understand that it all goes back to our patience and tolerance. Sometimes, one just can't be fucked understanding other's point of view, and that's when everybody turn into assholes. (tainted glasses, tinted view)

    "If we don't end war, the war will end us."
    – somebody I can't remember

    Talking of which... Can AI be applied to detect people's emotions and warn others about it? Can we avoid conflicts if our glasses could tell us who is really not in the mood? Or who really needs a hug, maybe? 🤔

    ... From another point of view, emotions are usually private... #dilemma
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    @NoMad Well said!

    But I don't think AI can substitute empathy. 😉
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    @Yamakuzure not empathy. Just recognition. Even humans lack empathy most of the time, so no, I don't think we need a robot to teach us what we barely comprehend.
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    @NoMad Or maybe the people on pissy moods need to learn how to better control their emotions because a bad mood is a pretty week excuse to be an asshole to people, in my opinion.

    I'm frequently in shit moods but if I see someone I know while walking around my campus, I'll stop and chat for a minute without being rude to someone who doesn't have shit to do with my bad mood.

    Bad social skills is not a valid excuse to hate people.🤷🏻‍♂️
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    But everybody has a limit. You can only take so much in your day and keep away from punching somebody. Social skills are skills regardless of mood or state of mind.
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    @NoMad Well when you hit your limit it's a good idea to just seclude yourself.

    But some people's limit is so fucking unreasonably easy to reach that it's not ok at all. Like I've met some people that genuinely need help because of how weak their limit is.
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    and, I think, this limit is extended by trying to do it. I'm not saying to hold the wrath inside or suppress it, but to breath a little and think that everyone has its way of being and it is the job of everyone to learn to deal with it in a logical way.

    Not saying this is THE best way, but it is one that I think that is good enough.
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    I work with a guy like this. Not afraid to talk shit about anyone behind their back. I always give him a disapproving look but he continues regardless
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    People are diverse, different and prone to individualistic changes, you cannot "hate" or "love" everyone, even twins, they have some other problems you should look into
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    @devJoe Never once said you should love anyone.

    And no duh you can't hate everyone because you'll never meet everyone.

    But there's people with that mentality that act like they hate everyone for no apparent reason, and most of these people try to associate that stupid quality with being different. That's the group this rant is about.
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    Only being gentle to people of 'intelligence' or personal interest might not specified as antisocial.
    Cause that's just asocial.
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    Do you make friends? You seem like the kind of sociopathic asshole that you can't help but like.
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    @ihatecomputers 😅 I'll take that as a compliment.

    And yes, but rarely; I don't think im social enough to make many.
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    @Root Haha, it was intended as one!

    I didn't start making friends until I started opening up and actually talked to people. Just recently. Turns out that me anticipating people to be assholes set the tone for my interactions, so it was kind of a self-fullfilling prophecy.

    But my problem was that I really wanted to be social but was afraid of opening up, but I couldn't be honest with myself about that so I kept everyone at a distance instead. (Not implying that any of this applies to you in any way, I'm just an introvert wired to enjoy getting to know people...)

    Wall of text as usual, but I learn these things as I type so it's hard to stop. It's like structuring an emotion/impression soup. Kind of like refactoring your mind.
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