Let's see...
It made me anti social. It got me thinking in a very logical way, I can't connect with people.
I'd spend a lot of time (and still do) coding that I didn't make many friends and made me have social anxiety.

Nobody respects what I do or even understand it.

The one girl I would've happily fucking died in the most brutal way for with a smile on my face, wasn't interested at all... I was a geek to her and my lifestyle wasn't compatible with hers.... I wasn't good enough...

I am very self aware of my shortcomings and working towards that... But generally, I'm too fucking late to dating and all that.

Programming put me in a disadvantage in dating and social life.

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    Same here...
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    @irene You didn't choose IT. IT chose you.
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    Do you want to be social? Saying that the code made you anti social strikes me as a rationalisation you made as you continually decided to code instead of do social things.

    I'm not trying to beat you up here, I just understand avoiding challenging and uncomfortable things. For example, I've avoided relationships because I have lots of work to do and I'm under a lot of stress, but the truth is that I have plenty of spare time. The real reason is probably that I'm not sure how I'd handle things going badly in that area so I haven't pursued it. I know that must change in the future though because I have to develop that part of myself.

    There are other reasons too of course, but that is the one I must tackle.
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    You know what will help you,
    Take tech sessions.

    I do that, I teach free software related technologies in my free time (free of cost), to make people aware of Free software philosophy.

    When u take sessions, especially for college students you meet people with different levels of intelligence.

    It will make you tolerant, get a perspective that their so many other things to do apart from coding, and maybe you will meet someone special too.
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    oh how did she died? sorry for that btw
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    @lazyDev Nobody died, he would've died for here
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    @flightlessbird it is more like this: being a teenager and picking up programming, it slowly changes how you think and perceive the world. At the same time, others around me didn't understand what programming is or what iylt involves. Sometimes even made fun of me because of it.

    That pushed me away from social interactions during my teenage years and fucked me up now as an adult when it comes social stuff and life experiences.

    I don't run away from challenging shit... We're programmers after all 😉

    I'm not rationalizing, this is just how things progressed.

    Anyways, I had a pretty fucked up life that contributed to this too... But not comfortable to talk about it to anyone so I'll stick to programming effects here.

    I'm glad you are aware of your shortcomings and working towards fixing them. Rock on mate 🤘🤘🤘
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    @Hackshay I used to be a comouter/mobile technician... So I did meet people of different levels of intelligence... Gotta admit, I was tolerant at first.. But tolerance is finite resource. 😜

    Is good to hear someone recommend doing tech sessions. I was thinking more of coding sessions for kids where I get to give them their first tour in programming but yet to find an event or meet up like that around my area. But that's a great idea.
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    @lazyDev I've lost count of the various ways her demise came about 🤣😜
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    Dude, on the girl topic...

    Sometimes we would die for people that don't give a fuck about us or don't even know we exist...

    The worse is being with someone that says they care but their attitudes show the opposite, people do that to manipulate you into doing what they want.

    Be glad , being alone is better than being with someone that makes you feel bad.
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