My fellow developer just sits next to me and is very nice person. But he keeps peeping into my screen and say -
"oh, why are you looking into x "
"oh, so you looking into y"
"oh, there is blog post on this"

It really turns me off :x

How to tell him politely that I don't like this.

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    "Stop looking at my screen, you're violating my privacy" would be one way.
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    Wear a headset and pretend you didn’t heard him
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    "Mind your own fucking business you nosey little cuntbag."


    "Look man I really don't appreciate you constantly looking over at my screen and commenting on what I'm doing. It's pretty nosey and a bit rude, so if you don't mind, please stop."
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    Scream like you are scared each time he opens up his mouth
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    Check his screen, advice him back ... Fuck him up ...

    Reversed psychology
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    @devTea Haha. Won't work, though. I do that sometimes and people wave their hands at me to call my attention.

    @gurpreet You could try just going "uh-huh" to everything he says until he picks up on your disinterest. I don't think there's a way to directly ask him to leave you alone without sounding harsh.
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    Don't you have some work to do?!
    ^^ my response to him, not you opening xy & z xD

    Ok, not a nice way but yeah..

    I also stop coding if boss comes by, it annoys me if someone looks in real time how I produce bugs xD
    No really, I can't code if I sense someone is watching me. Same was when writing exams.. prof came by, I stopped, put down my pen and looked at him as if he needs something.. he probably thought I was cheating somehow 😂😂😂😂
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    Next time pull your zipper down and force him to blow you.
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    @gurpreet You could also try the old method "I had a friend back in college who used to stare at my screen and it really made me uncomfortable ...".
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    @hell that is gay. We don't know if OP and the other guy are gay
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I was assuming they are not gay.
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    Smile while hearing nothing from music in your headset!
    Headsets are great BTW, giving you a little peaceful cloud around your head, covering you from the outside storm.
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    Share this rant with him saying how stupid people are XD
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    Take a screenshot of this rant and make it your wall paper and hope he will read the wallpaper done game.
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