This is a real history..

So i went to my friend’s party.. and he invited this hot girl.. (u know the girl that would never talk to any programmer)..
so she started asking me about programming, maths, software...

and I was like wtf.. is this real? (because u guys know that this is impossible jaja)
Actually, we spent all night talking about it..

for some reason she started hanging out with me and my friend..

now we are dating.. kind of crazy uh?
(she is an engineer btw)

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    btw im not saying that hot girls cannot be engineers or programmers..(and vice versa) etc.
    its just the “making fun” of the stereotype between girls and nerds/programmers etc. just relax.
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    Hey, whatever kind of bath salts you're on... Can I have some?
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    This is a real dream you had last night
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    Omg do we have the same porn subscription?! Episode #1337!
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