hey everyone like a the past few months i got my laptop but now im planing to get a mac just for the sake on developing ios apps more on practice and by far project execution like a mid level project the question is will the new macbook air(2018) the one with the i5-y proci do good in terms of development? my options are entry level only mainly for swift and react-native dev

MBA 2018
RAM 8gb
SSD 256gb
i5(Amber Lake-Y 7 W Dual-Core)

MB Pro 2018
RAM 8gb
SSD 256gb

please help me out since im planing to get it later, thanks

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    Woah, slow down. Think about what you want to do and how to do it. If I were you, I'd go with web development first. There's a steeper learning curve but the base developer costs for Apple are exhoberant even after the Mac, and there's nothing wrong with a Linux machine. 76 makes some really nice machines for it.
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    hi @Techno-Wizard actually im a web developer and already knows android development too and react-native my real usage is just for xcode on the mac for me to be able to compile my react-native apps for ios and at the same time learn swift 4
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