Talk shit, close the door to the people who have faith on you, that’s how good CEO, a man with dream, follows first principle do!
This is how mafia works!πŸ‘Ž

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    @M1sf3t the problem is when an item will put someone in as long as 5 years debts, people tend to like to choose them in person.

    I know there’re AR,VR experience which look amazing to customise your car, but you still have to fill a lot of paper work.

    Tesla also has extremely high repairing rate and insane repairing cost. Customer service could be problematic
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    @M1sf3t allumium panels are very expensive. There’re post about small panel damage results void mechanical warranty void super charger...
    As I know (from YouTube) Tesla won’t provide service breakdown due to they replaced so many parts...
    in New Zealand, a used Tesla from dealer cost 200,000nzd. And it’s not hard to find one on the road. My guess is rich people just don’t careπŸ€” probably company car, they get tax refund anyway
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    @M1sf3t the under body damage should covered by insurance as accidents. Any related damage will not cover by warranty...
    The Auckland Tesla dealer just opened less than a year. And now it’s shutting down
    If you take a look on their jobs in Australia, most of positions are mechanic apprentice , only require high school education. Probablybelow min pay...
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    @M1sf3t the point is Tesla is way fragile than gasoline cars, despite it has less moving parts.

    Electric vehicles also came way earlier than gasoline production cars.
    So that analogy doesn’t really apply.

    But I still appreciate your effort.

    With a battery life is similar to your phone, but the cost is same as a brand new Toyota Corolla...
    And it runs centralised repairing centre, normal workshop can’t buy parts from Tesla and it doesn’t provide schematic diagrams (even apple does), which is definitely not advance nor matching the free open source, decentralised spirit.

    Btw, it’s a luxury exotic car which I couldn’t afford. I’m still interested in the technology though, I used to be a car mechanic
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