How would you call this role? Product Owner? Graphics Designer?, Both? Neither?

I work for a small startup besides university and we do need a person responsible for how site looks. But then again we also need a product owner for the frontend. So why not combine these roles? A person who's responsable as product owner for all the frontend related bits plus does the designing. Initially this person would work with just one frontend dev, possibly more over time.

- How would you call this role/job?
- What would be an appropriate salary?
- How would you evaluate an application to this role?

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    I am not the most experienced creature of the world, but it feels like you’re trying to cover 3 people with a single short blanket. I’d recommend splitting all of this in two positions minimum
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    @smb26 well, we kind of try to cover two roles with one person, true. PO and designer. Currently we're a very small team where every one has multiple roles. Currently I'm the sole dev (fullstack). Our current frontend is just a bootstrap theme. We're therefore currently looking for a frontend dev, as well as a designer&po. The designer/po person wouldn't do development.
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    @Wack ah I got it wrong, I thought you wanted a guy for front end dev + designer + po. Sorry!
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    @smb26 would probably be nice for the budget, however that kind of unicorn probably doesn't exist ;)
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    A requirement engineer maybe... Your request needs like 3-4 roles ... Or people that can cover multiple...

    Then u'r looking for a fullstack developer, but thats mostly a headhunter bullshit term
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