Apple is now forcing 2 factor authentication for publishing apps on the App Store. Except not just regular 2 factor, 2 factor via AppleId. Which means you have to have the AppleID on 2 different Apple devices! You now have to have a Mac and another Apple device to ship an app and you still have to pay $100/yr for the license.

Hell I usually like Apple stuff but this has gone so fucking far off the rails.

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    I mean, when developing apps, you would usually have a phone for testing anyways.

    That said, I still completely disagree with such a cheap move from Apple.
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    If someone has a Mac, and ships apps.... wtf are are testing on?

    Unless it’s Mac only apps?
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    @M1sf3t the simulator is just that. There is no replacement for a physical device.

    A true iOS dev will have most physical devices at hand for proper testing covering all versions of supported iOS and hardware/screen resolutions.
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    Apple sucks ... I'm kicking it all out, they lost touch with what they were in the past
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    @devs fair enough but I don’t like signing into my work iCloud on my personal phone. I do have an older phone, but that was a recent development. You could argue my work should provide a dedicated dev device but 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Moreover, how do you set up the 2FA? With the security questions you needed to know to get in the account in the first place. It’s absolutely theatrical.
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    @jeeper again, I still agree that their way of implementing 2FA sucks, though I still think that in *most* cases, it won’t be a problem. Especially since the companies *usually* would provide you with both Mac and iPhone
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    @jeeper some consultants even get their clients to provide the needed equipment to complete the job
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    @oreru blaming my assumptions with an assumption I see
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