Apple is now forcing 2 factor authentication for publishing apps on the App Store. Except not just regular 2 factor, 2 factor via AppleId. Which means you have to have the AppleID on 2 different Apple devices! You now have to have a Mac and another Apple device to ship an app and you still have to pay $100/yr for the license.

Hell I usually like Apple stuff but this has gone so fucking far off the rails.

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    Brilliant money making move
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    I mean, when developing apps, you would usually have a phone for testing anyways.

    That said, I still completely disagree with such a cheap move from Apple.
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    Apple has been hedging their bets for a while now. Not that they haven't made improvements over the past few years but the increases have been marginal per version and nowhere near as stable on release as in the past.
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    If someone has a Mac, and ships apps.... wtf are are testing on?

    Unless it’s Mac only apps?
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    @C0D4 I think some ppl try to get by with the simulator. Still your right tho, older devices are easy to come by and quite stable. I'm kinda worried whether or not thats going to continue though, they've already seemed to up the buy back option and they're making them harder and harder to repair it would seem. Eventually the older models will quit being supported so it will really come down to how cheap an easy it is for a developer to get the newer model parts for their self. I couldn't imagine a refurb business being able to keep up with those models, too much labor and not enough demand. And Apple is already talking about releasing a cheaper less featured version. Can't wait to see how that goes 🙄
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    @M1sf3t the simulator is just that. There is no replacement for a physical device.

    A true iOS dev will have most physical devices at hand for proper testing covering all versions of supported iOS and hardware/screen resolutions.
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    i fucking hate this move. waiting for them to revert it down the road after loosing devs
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    @Wabby a dev that has the money to purchase all that shit, sure. I think some also develop from hackintoshes if I'm not mistaken so theirs also the dilemma of purchasing a mac now because i don't think you get an appleid for those do you?

    But again the above comment about older machines also applies there as well. I can run xcode from my 2010 pro 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Apple sucks ... I'm kicking it all out, they lost touch with what they were in the past
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    > a Mac and another Apple device

    Some of us have limited physical space !

    And funds..


    What is the cheapest route to getting those two things, that also takes up a small amount of space ?
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    @Nanos refurb '10 mac mini and a iphone se 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @devs fair enough but I don’t like signing into my work iCloud on my personal phone. I do have an older phone, but that was a recent development. You could argue my work should provide a dedicated dev device but 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Moreover, how do you set up the 2FA? With the security questions you needed to know to get in the account in the first place. It’s absolutely theatrical.
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    @jeeper again, I still agree that their way of implementing 2FA sucks, though I still think that in *most* cases, it won’t be a problem. Especially since the companies *usually* would provide you with both Mac and iPhone
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    @jeeper some consultants even get their clients to provide the needed equipment to complete the job
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    @devs that’s a lot of assumptions, and that is the problem
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    Whats the saying, death by a thousand cuts?
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    @oreru blaming my assumptions with an assumption I see
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