this is so my life

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    @ajit555 Jesus Christ dude get out of your feelings.

    Most of the accents are way too thick to understand. Just like mine is too thick for many Indian support people I've talked to.

    Hell I can't understand some of the dialects and accents here in the US.

    It's part of life, don't take a meme so seriously. It's wack.
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    @Stuxnet beut have iou heurd abawt de frensh accent?

    (but have you heard about the french accent?)

    (being bilingual I allow myself this parody, thank you :D and i love accents too, without bringing prejudice on people)
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    @Stuxnet This meme was my flash point. Wishing DevRanters to have some higher level of maturity. I have seen so many youtube tutorials where the person has indeed taken some efforts to prepare it, and in the comments, people write on the accent without any details on the content.
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    I find trying to find written solutions are always faster and easier because usually, a youtube video is not the only solution
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    @iamroot I have an audio processing disorder so I don’t understand fuck all if there’s no text to go along with the audio, I always try to use YouTube’s auto-transcription option but it’s pretty terrible, STack Overflow for all it’s flaws is almost always better than a YT tutorial... or even a random devs blog post, learned a lotta things from blogs
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    @iamroot depends if you know what you're searching for: Google

    if not: YouTube
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    If there are any Indians reading this, can you tell me why y'all do that super annoying pause mid sentence when explaining something?

    "Now we go to the... Browser, and open the console to see the... Output"

    I say y'all because it's in *every* tutorial I've watched. Is it just part of the accent?
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    I think people are overreacting a little. Yes, sometimes we prefer people with an accent closer to our own. It makes it easier to understand what's going on and conveys what you're trying to learn better. Sometimes if it's too thick it's difficult to get much out of it at all. However, that doesn't mean that those videos are worse than any other. Someone put work into creating it and if you are comfortable using their video, then that's great! Go for it. That doesn't mean that if you don't the video is bad. I prefer American accents because I understand the content better, not because the content is better or worse. However, if that video is better than the alternatives, i won't complain at all.
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    I'm not indian but probably you feel in the same way with my spanish accent.
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    @kshep92 probably because they aren't fluent speakers. I heard americans doing the same.
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    @filvia-sederici oof good luck to you so hard.
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    @Techno-Wizard If I can't understand a word the person is saying, then yea the video is actually kinda worse than one I can understand.

    The whole point of a video is to learn. And if I can't learn because it takes everything I've got to understand what the person is saying, then I'm not going to be able to learn as effectively in comparison to a video with someone I can understand.

    @ajit555 You're still making this way too big of a deal big chief.

    I've had people shit on my accent all the time. Boo fucking hoo. Couldn't give a shit.

    Nobody is saying the accent is bad or the video is bad or that the person making the video is not trying. But the inability to understand most of what the person is saying makes it hard to actually learn from said video, thus you try to find one you can actually understand more effectively.

    I had a whole class with this professor who had a thick Jamaican accent. Whenever he spoke fastly, I couldn't understand him and it was hard to learn anything.
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    @kshep92 English is not our mother tongue or first language. But we're good at the stuff we do so please try to bear the pauses or 1.5x the speed maybe?
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    @LuxARTS @noobnoodle it's not a pause for articulation, it's like a prompt.
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    send help (and nudes with bob and vagene)
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    @ajit555 I can’t even understand your writing bro.
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    Nothing against Indian accents, I just hate video tutorials in general. Give me text, give me code to reference, let me go at my pace without having to pause and rewind every minute because you skated over some vital bit of information.
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    Whinge about tutorials with accent, when you don't have brains of a non English speaker who can read documentation.
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    @arjunkishore ohh getting edgy. Look I manage a team in northern India remotely. Let’s just say the grass is cut but the leaves rarely raked. Unless the documentation or 400 Jira cards say to rake them.
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    @ducktyped I can't speak for your north Indian team.
    However I felt original poster should see beyond race or accent, when it comes to gain knowledge.
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    @arjunkishore you have to understand ones accent to gain knowledge from them. I think that’s the original statement here. There’s nothing racist about saying “I can’t fuckin understand you”. I’m from the southern United States. You probably wouldn’t be able to understand me
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    @dUcKtYpEd no way in hell they can understand us bc I struggle to sometimes lmao
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    @Stuxnet right on 🤘😂 go vols 🍊
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    @dUcKtYpEd Tarheels are where it's at chief. Switch now before it's too late 😏😂

    But for real, our enunciation skills down here are lacking big time lmao. I catch myself saying my town name in 1 syllable instead of 3 like it should be.
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    People are criticising the meme, but I am an Indian and very honestly I don't think this is offensive... A tutorial is something that helps us understand a concept and if we don't even understand what the person is saying it's basically useless. But in other scenarios everyone should at least try to understand, instead of critising the person for having an accent.
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    My fucking life
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