When is the right time to move on to a new job?

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    Always wait till after lunch, I find that around 2pm is about right.
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    Seriously though, I have lived by this rule. First job, 2 years max, second job 2 years max. 3rd job as long as you want, the third job is the one where you climb the ladder for the big money. 4th job, it’s your own company.
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    @helloworld I AM in my 3rd job 😉. I am thinking of starting an application of my own too! 🤔
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    @rutee07 that's right!🤔
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    @rutee07 🤣🤣
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    When you stop being challenged and every day becomes the same.
    That’s when I tend to pack my bags.
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    When it becomes a chore.
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    The fact that you aren't where you want to be,
    should be enough motivation!
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    In a nice-to-work-for company it's when you stop climbing or growing or being valued. In a not-nice company: as soon as you can find something better
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    When you have enough money saved that if it all goes pear shaped in your new job, it doesn't matter.

    Or if you mean what time of the day, at the end of the work day, ideally end of the week.

    Remember to clear out your locker, and delete all your emails. :-)

    And hand in your security pass...
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    As to the reason why to move to a new job, more money perhaps.

    The new job offers you something your old job doesn't.

    If single, more chance of meeting someone. (Though nowadays, in lots of places, its getting illegal to meet someone at work..)

    Shorter commute time.

    Less working hours, so more time to enjoy life.

    Safer working environment. (Who doesn't want to avoid working in a warzone..)

    Better healthcare. (We all get ill at some point !)
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    Are you any of the following:
    - unhappy?
    - bored?
    - not ever going to get more money and need more money?
    - at the end of the road as far as advancement goes?
    - in a situation where your job (or someone there) affects your mental health?
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    > (or someone there) affects your mental health?

    Can you ever get away from people like that ?
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    @Nanos if you're not married to said person
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    @steaksauce all of the above expect money
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    @rutee07 Ace of Base were big when I was at highschool. ^^
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    @robsbobs Nice advices 👍
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    @rutee07 we used to listen to Ace of Base at the beach too, and we had magnifier glasses for making CPUs out of beach sand. That was how you did it with the structure sizes back then.
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