From perfectly working scrum team to... Don't know what it is now...
Long story short - our SM left company and our team have ongoing "reorganization", our tester leaving at the end of this month, probably we will be out of tester for next month...

I don't mean reorganization, it's normal thing, but... It looks like it's slowly collapsing under bad head decisions (one of them is the reason why our tester is leaving)... Multiple "side" projects / tasks for ppl in team and problems with delivering sprint tasks on time because of it, context switching etc.

I fucking like this project, it gives me much opportunities to learn new things and design new features - it's up to us how we will implement it. Client is satisfied with our work and we worked for their trust for long time. But if things will be going same way as now, we will probably lose it.

How do you think, is it worth to try stay with this project? Or should I update CV just in case?

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    If you're not sick and tired and dreading work everyday, then stick around and try to help get things better. Otherwise, leave.

    And always keep your CV update to date.
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    Yes, always keep CV up to date. Also, don't let a negative environment burn you out; you don't want to come to hate what you love.
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    Re-organizations are never good, based on my experience. If it was, you'll notice the good things even in the beginning. These days, I think I would just leave if it happens. The higher ups who trigger these things are often non-technical and couldn't foresee the negative impact on the developers.
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    @rutee07 you need re-organization to go from bad to good too.
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    @mundo03 Makes sense.
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    Step up and become temporary scrummaster.
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    If you genuinely like the project, you can try sticking around a bit longer to see how things develop, but I'd keep myself ready to look for another job just to be safe (CV updated and all).
    When people start leaving left and right, it means there's something wrong, and you shouldn't try to stay and fix everything on your own.
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    @Codex404 This. If you really like the project and have some soft skills just take the lead.
    Since being a scrum master is also considered having management experience in a lot of companies this can help you in the future.
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