So you need 7 yrs of experience just for jr developer position......

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    Junior FOOL stuck developer with 10 years of experience
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    You know if they keep updating javascript like they have these past few years, I'm going to actually match that description if I continue my current trend for two or three more years
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    Translation: "we want an experienced dev for junior pay so that our management can get another fat car".
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    @Fast-Nop Aye, but they don't give requirement as to how relevant the experience is required to be. Technically I've got going on 3 years of "professional" javascript experience working for my own company, a fact which is both comical and yet quite sad at the same time.
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    @Fast-Nop you are right. Own business is the solution. Either be a slave or own the some slaves. Oh well reality
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    @Devnergy yea then you get to write your own bad posting... pretty sure if I were to even attempt to describe what I needed for even one of the positions i would wind up on here.
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    Then you apply for a job with 30+ years experience in the field, and they give it to someone else with 0 years experience..
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    @Nanos companies will always get the lowest offer with lots of skills lol
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    0 experience and 0 skills though !

    It wasn't like they was paying any less for that !

    Oh wait, they have a friend who works there..

    This explains why things don't work, and no one can fix them, because everyone's friend/relative is working for the company and not folk who actually know stuff..
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    Hmm is "junior" the name of some technology or language? 🤔 otherwise it's a fucking joke lol 😂😂😂
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    junior developer with experience means that they don't have money to pay for developers and the last guy left because the tiny salary was late
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    @Mbithy you have a profound wisdom my friend. You speak of the truth. I will be your disciple.
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