How many devs does it take to fix a light bulb?
None, it's a hardware problem.

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    What if the light bulb is a part of an IOT home shit and the code to switch it on and off is the problem? Maybe the light bulb isn't broken at all.

    Okay, I'll get out now.
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    On that note....

    How much shampoo does a software developer need to wash his/her hair?

    The whole bottle - it says "lather, rinse, repeat" and there's no way out of the loop
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    @martygeek the process only terminates after a segmentation fault due to invalid access 🤣
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    Question:-How many devRanters does it take to repeat a joke.
    Answer:- none, you need Batman
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    I have that kind of problem !

    Lightswitch is bluetooth, but only API is for Android, and I've a MS Windows server..

    And you know what a pain bluetooth is on Windows..

    On the plus side, it does randomly turn itself on and off from time to time..

    I can connect to it, having guessed the password. :-)

    I just can't issue commands..

    Obviously, this is why they have sold, well, one at least to me. :-)

    I'd buy another, once I can turn this light on and off at will !

    I should have gone with an Alexa one..

    Then the government could turn the light on and off for me. ;-)
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    But software developers never read the instructions, so it lasts forever !
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    You can’t fix lightbulbs, you have to replace them.
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    At least I cannot do anything about it before someone gives me a document defining "broken" and "fixed" in this project context.

    Is there even a bug ticket?? My sprint is now full, so come back in 2-4 weeks.
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    For those of us on restricted budgets..


    > How To Repair & Reuse a

    > BLOWN Light Bulb / Lamp
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