Check this beauty!
Surface Pro 6 ❤️❤️❤️

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    Looking sweet, get the pen?
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    @Stark Will buy from Amazon. I bought the device from the local store since it was cheaper than Amazon.
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    I love how Tux predators plan to take over this machine (in background) ^^

    I don't like how surface looks, but still better than gaming laptop 😃
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    Yo i heard you like bezels on your 1000$ laptop
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    @Omnisus lol it's my bed cover

    @jayMcD nah I should use windows to use in school
    I bought to use mostly onedrive, one OTE, and office with some YouTube.

    @ganjaman since it is a tablet pc, bezels are kinda a plus since I don't accidently touch the display

    @rutee07 I wonder if machines have genders?.....
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    @CozyPlanes I know, but you will be suprised when you find out that your bed cover install arch on surface and break all windows in room 😃
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    @jayMcD why solus tho
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    It feels like a dirty trick to see these beautiful new laptops, brimming with possibility, and they're just running windows.
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    @jayMcD I considered to distro hop on gentoo but then I thought that updates would take forever so I'm currently looking into hackintoshing macOS on it. (first SL in a VM to fetch Mojave, then Mojave on a real thing).
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    everyone stop! it's time for an update :D
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    Even though I’m very much an Apple guy, those Surfaces are sexy.
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    @iamavalos @mishaor @bahua@jayMcD @dUcKtYpEd @Haxk20 @mishaor @buscedv no matter how much I get recommendations to install Linux, windows 8s the go since I will going to use this for 3 years, and school stuff requires office and internet explorer (activex)
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    @jayMcD is solus 4 completely switched to the sol pkg manager? Or is it still on eopkg?
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    I really like the design but that fuzzy palm rest makes me anxious
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    Get some sheets! Get a pillowcase! Get a desk!
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    Protect that screen if it's as weak as the surface go. I never dropped mine and the screen has cracked.
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    @buscedv activex is required to browse Korean sites
    @iamavalos meh
    @uyouthe it's called Alcantara and I actually like it
    @bahua get some sheets..... I like the 🐧
    Get a pillowcase..... My pillowcase is white
    Get a desk..... Already have two
    @Haxk20 activex required
    @Haxk20 good 4 u
    @icycrash will do, thz
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