I hate Skype for Business with a passion. It's the most garbage useless chat program imaginable. It can barely send basic text chats without throwing an error, and it can almost never send an image without the upload failing. The fact that it can't even save conversation history for each of your chats within Skype is ridiculous -- it fucking saves the conversation as an email draft in Outlook. Come on Microsoft, why do I have to open a completely separate program to view conversation history?! Skype conversation history should be saved IN SKYPE! Fucking AIM was able to save conversation history. I've tried multiple times to get the company to move to Slack or Teams, and for some reason they think that Skype is a good program and they ignore the fact that it's completely useless. It's 2019, why are we using a program that's built like it's 2009? I swear they haven't updated Skype at all in the last decade

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    We have both Skype and Slack. I prefer Skype (and actively specify that to others) precisely because it saves conversation history in Outlook. Why? Because at times it is difficult to remember if a past communication was an email or an IM conversation. I can do one search in outlook and find both kinds. (I also find Slack's search functionality and interface to be terrible, but that's a personal opinion. I also have consistent problems with Slack's screen sharing, which is not a personal opinion)
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    @monkeyboy That's a fair point. It'd be nice if Microsoft provided the option for conversation history to be saved within Skype itself though (in addition to saving within Outlook)
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    It was crap when it was Lync prior to the Skype buyout as well. Standard Microsoft.
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    We use Skype at work and it never saves my conversations in Outlook. Must be due to configuration. It only sends you a 'missed conversation' email if somebody messaged or called you when you were offline.

    Whats annoying tho is that Skype creates a new conversation every time you quit Skype, even if it's with the same person. Meaning I have like 20 convos with the same person in my history tab.
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    @gathurian Luckily Microsoft has said that they're retiring Skype in favor of Teams. Who knows when that'll actually happen though
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    @ElbowDeepInElmo idk if that's 'luckily'.
    Skype is a fucking shitshow, but Skype for Business is pretty good when set up properly. Never had any problems with SfB at work (both calls and IM)
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    @gathurian Yes, that's a checkbox in the skype options somewhere and it's off by default, I believe.
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    Skype for Business is unreliable crap
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    Lets build a new software then
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    OP: Skype for Business is the worst crap I've ever encountered ! *rage*

    Microsoft Teams: "hold my beer"

    Edit: just noticed you had proposed a move to Teams. No. Don't go there. You'll regret. And miss Skype for Business...
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    I never had any problems with Skype.
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    @ReverendLovejoy @ReverendLovejoy A few of us have been using Teams and we've had very few problems with it. Maybe it just comes down to how our network/Skype for Business instance is configured
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    @Ushandelukka Skype of Skype for Business? Seems like they're two different animals
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    Skype, Lync & Skype for Buisiness.
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    So we also use Skype for Business in our company, we use it for chat and as our third pbx.
    I think Skype is quite nice but yes there are a few problems, but with chat or file sharing i never had any.
    But as we all know Microsoft is pushing Teams forward and in a little i see no future for Skype for Business.
    They more or less stopped to develop features for on premise installations and with 2019 update they also removed some.
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    @ElbowDeepInElmo I think "few" is the keyword here.

    We use it as company standard and it is utter shite.

    Some observations, note that this does not happen all the time, just often enough to trigger some serious rage.

    ; Notifications arrive randomly on phone or desktop or email

    ; Notifications arrive several seconds before the actual message

    ; Images aren't uploaded

    ; Code formatting a couple of lines fucks up the whole message and trying to fix it in the WYSIWYG editor just fucks up things even more

    ; Messages arrive on desktop but not mobile

    ; Messages arrive on mobile but not desktop
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    @ElbowDeepInElmo And these annoyances are permanent, e.g. happens all the time:

    ;4-5 seconds wasted every time context is changed between teams or chats.

    ;30-50 seconds spent switching tenant (equivalent of Slack workspaces)

    ;Even the shortest of messages are minimized with a "show more" action

    ;No inline preformatted syntax, have to preformat an entire line and GOOD FUCKING LUCK TO YOU if you want to preformat two sections with a blank line in between

    ; On Linux, with no Teams client running a Windows 10 VM with Skype consumes LESS MEMORY AND CPU than running the Teams client in Windows

    ; Slow startup time

    ; Subpar UX with a lot of spaces, badges and buttons and bubbles polluting the actual conversation

    ; No option to include customers / stakeholders if they don't have office 365

    ; Laggy videochat
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    There is a lot more but now I have to some work.

    Take a look at the community issue pages and see how many stupidly simple tasks are delayed for several years
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