I did it. I completely broke windows by plugging in my laptop charger.
The colors in this image have not been distorted at all.
Fuck this OS, royally.

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    Hate to tell you, but it's not the OS. It's the hardware.
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    @iAmNaN it’s a combination of the two
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    Isn't green for preview builds?
    And I might also check for hardware failures but most probably blame windows, I had a laptop that doesn't reach login screen of Windows 7 it gets overheated and windows fails to solve this, Ubuntu on the other hand; managed to compile an Android kernel on the same laptop without having it disconnect ....

    Tried formatting Windows but to void. However; to not blame windows 100%, it did have hardware failure but Windows failed to handle it somehow
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    I briefly caught a laptop doing that the other day, but before I could get near enough to it, it rebooted and then seemed fine..

    This was just after the latest windows 10 update..

    Did it ever recover ?
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    The MacBook Pro of a colleague of mine is regularly puking off a similar stunt. Only it's recovering from it again after a moment or two
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    Thats abit #00FF00
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    Green screen of death = Preview builds
    So are you a Windows insider?
    Reveal your true self!
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    Do you have kernel panic on linux ?
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    So it's a GSOD
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    @granola nope, not on any like insider mode or whatever - just the os "as is"
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    @dUcKtYpEd i'd like to know what hardware could have failed then; because i don't remember doing anything to it such as shocking the drive or anything
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