Do you code in your spare time, outside the job?

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    i do. altho I spend a lot more of my free time playing video games than programming 😅
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    I do on my project
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    Absolutely yes
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    I did before. Nowadays I just don't have a fire for that.
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    @irene same boat. It comes and goes. I’ve written an enormous amount of code in my free time but recently I wanted to spend time on other hobbies
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    Yeah, I finally have some career goals so I'm putting in some extra effort on the side 👨‍💻
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    @devTea same here
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    Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    Spare time?? I don't know that IDE. Does it have black theme?
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    @RustyCookie Sure, the black theme was there before the light one even existed
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    I used to do a lot of stuff, but most of the time there is not enough energy and motivation after work (and sometimes even while at work) to write anything. But...recently I revived my prehistoric project so hopefully it won't die so soon this time :D
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    if I'd code on my job, my boss would yell at me and tell me to do my actual work instead
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