Shower Thought :
I wonder, in the future, since people is easily offended by everything, variable naming would be such a concern it'll be seriously implemented in the compiler, and be like
"Error at 16:1 NamingConventionError : 'fuckThis' is not linear with our guidelines"

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    I like to believe this shit will die out
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    If that becomes a thing, there will be alternative compilers created just to remove this nonsense.
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    @irene yes, i dont want at some point, a comedic forum would be considered as a harassment/insulting by everyone.
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    @C0D4 let's just hope it wont happen at all 😅
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    If a compiler like that appears it'll be forked within hours. Don't wanna break backward compatibility ;)
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    @wowotek I meant the whole easily offended movement shit 😁 I wish they will die out
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    My var names are utterly racist 😆

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    @oreru oh shit 😱
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    @irene Tbh, i cant really remember when someone on the internet that was offended did anything else than keep whining or making a stupid petition. We dont really have anything to fear about, the only reason people getting offended over nothing is still a thing is because of all the attention we give them.
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    @Frederick you're probably living in a country where the crowd would hunt down the whiny bastard before it will achieve anything in public. Not like in USA or any other modern crazy country where people have too much fucking freedom and no fear of consequences.
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    hahaha this made me laugh
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