Coffee + Pizza = Code

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    chessboard, are you Russian?
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    That pizza looks so damn thin. Wtf ?
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    So that's what "CP" in 'CPP' stands for... now I don't get it anymore why people refer to it as 'C Plus Plus'.
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    Yeah, that's my last evening aswell. Though we released...
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    Ugh, how do you avoid getting grease on your keyboard?
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    @toriyuno No, i'm not. I'm italian
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    @Haxk20 the real pizza is thin. Trust me, i'm italian 😀🍕
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    @theKarlisK 😂😂😂😂
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    @saintograph To clean my keyboard, i use Ajax 😆😆😆
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    is that pizza literally just olives???

    best code 'za: sausage+mushroom OR canadian bacon+pineapple

    yes yes pineapple on pizza is a sin but FUCK YOU i need the natural tenderization properties of pineapple to dissolve the walls that form in my brain
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