Stackoverflow is full of pedantic cunts who can’t admit they don’t know how to answer your question, I just spent 20 minutes having 4 people tell me because they didn’t have “the full code” they couldn’t help with the problem, despite by the end of me posting more and more (completely unrelated) code they were LITERALLY complaining because I hadn’t added fucking “#include” statements 😑

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    Hahhahahaah you just spent 20 minutes with bot’s...
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    Just saying I wouldn't even bother solving an issue if the questioner doesn't provide complete code that compiles.
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    Like no offense but maybe the people tried to run your code trying to get it to run and wasted 20 minutes of their time to do just that.
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    i submitted code, description and a fucking diagram and was down voted into oblivion by a bunch of Indians claiming "none of this make any sense".
    No I may not be the worlds leading expert on Java or programming but I think I know how to phrase a question.
    I gave up after that, SO is just an index for me now.
    Also figured out my own answer.
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    @kgbemployee I've been developing longer then SO has been in existence. I've still never had to ask a question.
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    @C0D4 incredibly smart or incredibly lucky you are 😋
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    @kgbemployee hard to tell some days.
    Offical docs and some creativity goes a long way apparently.
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    @kgbemployee Then it's alright. The community can be rough sometimes...
    Also, make sure to provide the answer for other people who might stumble upon your question!
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