Docker is building my scripts to slow. On windows script building is flying, but on Docker(which runs Linux) is slow as hell.

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    Docker in a vm or docker on linux?
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    @alexbrooklyn docker is running a Linux vm.
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    I know there is a tool called docker-sync. Maybe that'll help. Not sure if it fixes your problem though :)

    Here is the link:
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    Are you on about a Linux with docker installed or the Linux vm as part of docket for Windows. What’s the net connection like is it slow downloading images, downloading stuff from package repos as it builds? How many cores you using in each environment
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    @gruff it's simply docker for windows. And gulp script compilation is the slow part, the web itself works okay'ish
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    @NarkoCat go into settings for docker and allocate more cores to the vm
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    Docker for windows hosts _is_ slow
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