Deciphering 10-20 jira tickets that relate to 1 feature which aren't linked in anyway beyond titles spread throughout an epic or 2.

Ah the pain of having to go through 200 tickets to find everything you need for a single feature.

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    hmm maybe it could help to arrange tickets on a canvas programm like https://miro.com/ which has a jira cards integration to keep oversight.
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    @heyheni for self hosted instances too? That's usually where these integrations fall down.
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    @C0D4 sorry i don't know that.
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    @heyheni I'll look deeper into it.
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    I don't think I've ever related to a rant more than this one
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    You’re giving me war flashbacks of being a test engineer
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    Aye.. at least you don't have 3-4 jiras for one feature/bug and they all contradict one or another in some points..

    Asking client for confirmarion you understood all ok..got a solid yes, that's right back then you implement like they said is ok and hell breaks loose..
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