Source: Wim Remes, via nixCraft.

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    Don't forget to pass --no-preserve-root.
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    Hey it worked !
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    Worked for me.
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    I'M DOOMED!!
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    Wow, just mined $50 !!!
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    @shb743 To be fair, I don't think we are making fun of Apple here. We are making fun of the hype around bitcoins this last month, and how much of this hype came from people who don't know how to turn on a computer, let alone mine for bitcoins.
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    @shb743 to be honest the limiting factors of Apple's OS systems makes it quite a bit harder to overload the already weak hardware architecture so it really feels like it runs better. Macs also have very limited set of hardware configurations made by the same companies so less overhead on drivers.

    So you end up with less functionality for more efficiency at roughly 30-50% more price (note how the new iMac Pro costs a minimum of 5000$)
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    Wtf all of my files are gone! I live in an incubator and I don't have any backups for half of these files. I'm gonna get kicked out! Help!!
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