Now I know why our Australian trained junior "Software Engineers" are so dumb. According to academics, "...students in postgraduate IT courses were unsure how to use a computer or a USB drive."


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    Excuse me what
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    "Academics have shared stories of foreign students using phone apps to translate university lectures and students in postgraduate IT courses who were unsure how to use a computer or a USB drive."

    i would like to hear a story how it happens that a student enrolls in an IT course and doesn't know how to use a Computer.
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    Student has $$$
    University wants $$$ because the government has cut its funding
    University admits student and gets $$$
    End of story
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    So... my lack of a degree might actually be worth something now 😎😂
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    That, or having studied in a country where universities are free and thus, admit people who know how to use a USB drive
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    Bullshit. I live and studied in Australia.

    - None of my fellow student doesnt know how to use PC/USB. I dont know anyone who can't speak english either.

    - The standard english test was 7. too high. If you get 7 your english is pretty good. Totally make sense to lower to 5.5.

    - Those has low english test scores are required to go through an english class of 3 months. Also, "computer 101" is a required unit of study.
    My wife got 5.5 and had to take the english class. She graduated and works for Deloitte, whats wrong with that?
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    Your argument is flawed. I have hired It graduates who didn't know how a computer worked. One of them wrote remarks in source codes in Chinese and after we fired him I had to use Google translator to read them.
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    Did you know "programmer" is officially a mid range career? IQ wise I mean.
    You could be below average and be a good "programmer"

    You are welcome.
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    @FuckJava Then learn how to hire better.
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    I have. No more hiring IT professionals onshore
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    I'm reminded of someone I knew who had just finished their computer degree thingy, and phoned me to say they had a computer problem and could I come around to fix it.

    Sure I said.

    When I arrived, they asked me to tell no one about their problem..


    So, the problem was...

    They didn't know how to plug it in !

    Seriously, monitor cable goes here, keyboard plugs in there, a few more holes filled, and wham, all working.

    Don't they cover the basic's anymore..

    Anyhow, he offered me $50 for my time, which I at first refused, but a friend of his said in his culture, it would be an insult to refuse again.

    So I took the money, which was very useful to me, and went on my way.

    I wonder what job he ended up in..
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    The sad thing is, in one year at university, the two brightest of the computing degree class, one ended up being a CCTV operator and the other sold carpets.

    Next year, the brightest ended up being a builder.

    Another year, top one ended up selling handbags on a market stall.

    Yet another year, painting toys in a factory.

    So why aren't these top folk being hired for programming jobs ?

    It puzzles me.
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