Which Linux distribution should I choose? I'm a first time Linux user and would like to dual boot it with my Windows 10. I would like to be able to customize a lot.

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    Every distribution can be customized.

    For a beginner I would recommend Ubuntu or Linux Mint both provide sane defaults and enough stability for daily use.
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    Mint, *buntu, Elementary, or Gentoo
    Recommended in that order 😊
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    You want to see the world burn?
    Cause that's how you see the world burn.
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    @metamourge Hey now, be fair. Gentoo is the very last distro I recommend to anyone, including here.

    (Sometimes it's also the first, but I digress.)
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    Manjaro is really nice for beginners too, it works great OOTB, looks nice, has the Arch wiki behind it, a pretty big and nice community, and can be customised as much as you want.
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    For a beginner I would first of all recommend trying it in a VM and not making dual boot.

    Dual boot is useless, unless you're digging deep into the system. You have to decide at startup which system to use, to change you have to reboot, you're limited on the number of systems to try, etc.

    With a VM you can try several systems in parallel and fire each system up whenever you want, while another system is still running. When you've made up you're mind, you can install that one system you like as main operating system.

    As distribution I recommend one with a decent installer, Debian or Mint or any of their derivates.

    At the end, if you just wanna use the system and not as a base for a holy war, the distribution doesn't matter, you can get anything running on any distribution.
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    KDE Neon. It’s what Kubuntu should be.
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    KDE Neon or Linux Mint is the one I recommend.
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    If you are new, Ubuntu is very safe.
    Steam also supports Ubuntu the best out of all distributions so...
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    *obligatory arch comment*
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    If you by any chanc have notebook with nVidia card and intend to utilize it I suggest you to go with ubuntu.
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    @GTom Any Debian-based distro will do.
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    Dont know about Debian itself, didnt work for me.
    Didn't try other DE but cinnamon and gnome failed when trying bumblebee setups. Would have to live without HDMI connector (wired to the nVidia gpu) or use xfce.

    Xfce is indeed very customizable.
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    @GTom XFCE is nice. My first choice is always KDE 😊
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    I'm genuinely surprised... Noone has so far suggested Arch.

    Did you, Arch evangelists, just miss the post, or are you growing up?
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