Try to beat me (have a slower internet connection).

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    I have your ip mr., prepare to meet me
    jk ofc
    100 kbps of upload can be high in some areas tho...
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    Once upon a time ago I could compete with you, this is the slowest I have in phone history.
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    Now, while streaming Netflix.
    I'm in a whole new league.
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    Mine is too slow to even begin testing
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    Does no internet connection counts as a valid competitor???😅😅🤣
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    How about this...
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    Only in Italy hahaha
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    @reiniellematt: When no connection at all would be faster…
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    *buys dial up modem + connection* I win?
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    The app times-out while loading..
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    And speedtest.Net, when loaded eventualy, says it could not fund any servers to test against due to too high latency

    sux :/
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    Well I once had my connection drop to 4-8 bits. Needless to say I'm no longer with that provider.
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    Just down the road here, you are lucky to get 5.2k down..

    I just did a test here:

    Download speed 6.83Mb

    0.06Mb upload

    173,62 ms ping time..

    Which planet would that mean I'm on..
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    Just Connect to the Wifi@Ice on Deutsche Bahn ICEs ^^ (german long distance trains)

    It's not that extremely bad, but also far from good ... got about 90kb/s down today
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    I had a Speedtest server long ago.. poor data traffic
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    I'm in 90mbs gang
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    this boi on a 12800 baud modem
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    I once tried to share my internet using Bluetooth to my phone. The bt stick and the phone used were so old and slow that I got 0.4 kb/s up and down at best...
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    Good thing you specified the internet, I was just gathering my boys to knock you out
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    @vocuzi Well, it's stil a higer download speed.. 0.06 Mbps = 60 Kbps > 9.3 Kbps, and you also have a lower ping 😝
    Nice upload speed though!
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    @JS96 thanks man, I appreciate it
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