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So yeah, another Linux question. I love C# and been doing some WPF and Xamarin stuff and planning to learn ASP.NET, but why do I hear that Linux is better than Windows for web dev. Why should I learn it especially if I want to specialize in .Net? Sorry just a student and I heard Microsoft is bringing a lot of Linux goodness to Windows and I wonder why.

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    What @iren said, unless you’re building a os dependant software

    And since you’re aiming WPF, Xamarin, asp.net then stick to windows

    Are you talking about asp.net or .net mvc?
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    Linux is so much better when it comes to C/C++. winapi is just a huge fucken mess in my eyes.
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    If you're used to windows... Keep using windows.

    Linux is not better in any way... Don't listen to those who claim it is.

    You will spend a lot of time configuring and fixing stuff that you didn't even have to worry about with windows.

    You might even find that Linux will be in your way of doing things.

    If you know Linux and you're comfortable using it the go for it. Dotnet core now supports and runs on Linux so your ASP. Net website can be built on Linux and hosted on Linux.

    Try both OS's for yourself then decide, don't let others make the choice for you.
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    Depends on your stack and your level of knowledge overall.

    I use Windows as my daily os, but I work in a LAMP stack with virtual machines, these VMs are 99% replicas of AWS instances minus the load balancer and some config due to that those differences that can't be created locally, I use MobaXterm to give me SSH and SFTP connections in a single application, heidiSQl for database access and vscode as the default editor so opening a remote file will launch in vsCode and save back over SFTP when done.

    I also have PHP and MariaDB installed on windows for screwing around with things if needed and environment paths setup so I can use these in cmd or powershell with little fuss.

    Just because your stack is different to your daily os, doesn't make your daily os less efficient if you know what you are doing.

    Use what ever Os you want, you can always use virtual machines or docker to handle your stack as required.
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    Linux getting in your way ?

    Sure maybe when you use Arch then sure but even there its minimal.

    When i have to use windows i often feel that it gets into my way.

    Limiting a lot of code i write to stupid limits.

    IDK which distro you used that you have that opinion but you should give fedora a try.

    It doesnt get into your way at all and leaves you full control over to the system.

    And yes you will spend time configuring web servers but on the other hand you fully know what the server is doing and what it will do.

    On windows the server keeps this info for itself and ohhhh server broke. Hmmm Error 6874321. Looks it up. Oh The dev of the server forgot to put this error message on his site. Well.

    On Linux you just see the error message and the message itself tells you the solution most of the time.
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    @MrCSharp But i have to agree on one thing. Its his option to use windows or Linux.

    But we are not telling him Linux is better we are just telling him the advantages over Windows.

    Windows is designed for people who dont care about development.

    In linux you have full control over what OS does. Its designed for developers. By developers.
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    Setting up, say, java on windows:
    Google jdk download
    Navigate to the java11 exe
    Google eclipse/intellij download
    Navigate to the exe
    Wait for them to install
    Hope windows didnt fuck up PATH

    Setting up java on linux:
    Pacman -S openjdk eclipse && eclipse
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    Thanks guys, I am planning to master .NET Core development especially for the web, but maybe I'll stick to Windows because C# is created by Microsoft so maybe they'll push harder to make Windows the best environment for C# developers
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    @irene I like those plebs 😏
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    @reiniellematt I hope so, I’m also using windows for .net web app
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    Based on this article,
    It doesn't matter. Since MS will be bringing a full fledged Linux kernel to WSL.

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    Two different OS's for two different workflows.

    You will fail if you try to get your workflow from windows working on linux. It's just different.

    The difference is, in Linux you have all the power to customize everything you want. You can get super productive or less productive than windows depending on how you configure it.

    Learning Linux is never bad, do it in your spare time but don't try to convert everything in one day.
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