The last year or so, I’ve been an IT consultant, and the project I’ve worked on uses JavaScript and jQuery to modify UI’s.

I know jQuery is pretty old, and I’ll soon be looking in my area for a front-end Dev job that specializes in using a “modern” framework. I know some React, but I think most of the openings around me are for Angular.

Come application & interview time, how do I make myself look like a valuable asset with the experience I have?

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    Make sure your javascript skills are top notch. There are a lot of people out there with react/angular/Vue on their cv but who have crappy raw javascript knowledge. A decent employer will snap up a good javascript dev and train them up.
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    Can confirm that bring good with vanilla JS will get you many more jobs than being good with a singular framework.
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    @Robinha @Charon92

    Thanks - I was hoping that’s what I’d hear. I figure if I know the basics I can figure anything out.

    That being said — what’s a good test of my skills? What should I be able to do well in vanillla JavaScript that would prove my knowledge of it?
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    My go-to basics are dynamic content. Can you successfully do an AJAX request (you can use Axios or whatever other thing does the job) then render/deal with the results.

    That sort of operation is the backbone of basically all modern frameworks and if you can asynchronously manage that at least, you're off to a good start. Then it's code quality and knowledge of web API's
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    I eat Ajax for breakfast. Nice!
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    @yosoyblarn breakfast in ajax
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