*In a team meeting*

Me: *happily jotting down notes in markdown*

Other guy: "Dude what are you doing? Pay attention."
Me: "Umm... I'm taking notes?"
Other guy: "But why does your MS Word have black background?"
Me (a bit lost): "Umm... That's not Word. That's my text editor."
Other guy: "Alright... But how do you convert your notes into Word then?"
Me: "... I don't."
Other guy: *stares at me*
Me: * stare back*

It was a nice conversation.

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    Ignorance is bliss ...
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    pandoc -o out.docx -f markdown -t docx doc.md

    If anyone was wondering
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    @ganjaman I get impressed every time I use Pandoc. It does all those conversion so easily!
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    @Jilano docx is just an xml. 🤔
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    How does that guy have a meeting without powerpoint presentation with graphs, charts and cartoon stickmen characters with witty quotes?

    *Stares blankly into distance*
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    @irene A zipped bunch of xml files indeed
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    @irene While you are right, Microsoft is still doing its hardest to make it a pain to convert/use in other software.
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    Why was he telling you to pay attention and then having a side conversation about your note taking process?

    Sounds like he's very easily distracted. Better send him a copy of the notes with a .md extension. Don't PDF it---where's the fun in that?
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    @platypus "Notes.pdf.md" :D
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    Why do people always think Word is the only program capable of being used as a text document :/
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    @TempestasLudi an opensource zipped bunch of xml files indeed
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    @alexbrooklyn some people use it to create HTML documents. Scary I know.
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    I'd ask him where he gets off on telling me to pay attention honestly. The cheek
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    Markdown is awesome!
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    Other guy just needs a coloring book and some pencils, problem solved 🤷‍♂️
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    Literally had the exact same conversation with people on my FRC team. Then they all came back to me asking questions they forgot from the meeting later
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    Never let them see you Vim.
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    Word is how I send images to people. Why would I use it to take notes? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Only the good ones will understand our Markdown love ❤️
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    I've seen people coding in MS Word!
    I mean.. Why.. Why!?!
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