My mom uses an App to make free international phone calls with my aunts. But to generate credits in the app, she has to watch a lot of video ads, do a lot of stuffs in the app, which is time consuming & boring. So, I created an automation that keeps watching video ads, closes the ads when its done, downloads apps & runs them to get more credits, etc. So, the automation keeps generating credits everyday. now my mom can make free international calls whenever she needs...

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    ...is there a reason she doesn't use Discord/WhatsApp calls/TG calls/Skype/whatever?
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    +1 for telegram calls
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    @ganjaman +1 for Telegram, open source and not hindered by any relation with Facebook 😉
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    Cool. Tools?
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    Protip: Use another app
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    @RememberMe Actually, She does use WhatsApp/IMO. But IDK if you know, WhatsApp/IMO/etc calling & most of the VPNs are banned in the middle east. So, my aunts(Living in the middle east) have to use a VPN. So, whenever the VPN doesn't work or her internet connection gets broken, my mom makes international calls to her phone.
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    @ihatecomputers Just made everything from scratch using Android Studio
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    @ganjaman +1 from me too :P
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    @Xoka Have them look at Signal, from what I’ve heard they have been able to go around bans like that.
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