This week the QA is on vacation, so we, the developers, are testing our own code (I test my partner's code and he tests mine).

For those who are QA, I have a question: If our boss omitted something on the description of how the code has to be made, for example, filtering data from database, and one of those filters are needed but the boss forgot to tell us and, at the time of making the tests, the QA and de dev team notice this... the change that has to be made should be marked as a bug? or how would you mark it?

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    If it was never a feature (in whatever task logging system you use: redmine, jira, trello, whatever) then its a feature. If there's (or ever was) a task for it and it doesnt work, its a bug.

    At least thats what I would say
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    Still write test cases for the filter and mark issues that depend on that as blocked until it has been implemented.
    After implementation you may need to modify those test cases.
    I go with Hazarth, it should be a feature.
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