Does anyone know if Ubuntu will run in Lenovo Yoga 300?

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    Any thoughts why it wouldn't?
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    Nope i don't know . Will continue scrolling.
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    It almost certainly will
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    It will run fine. Will the lid / fingerprint scanner / wifi / Bluetooth work? Probably some but not all.
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    Ubuntu runs everywhere!
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    Yes, somebody knows
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    @ganjaman I laughed my ass off XP
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    I don't see why not. I can get it to run on any machine I try to make it run on. If it's a laptop, worst you might need to do is optimize it for battery life, which might take an hour or two at most to do
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    It does. I own one. Everything works out of he box but you need at least kernel 4.15 to get the battery state. Although I own the 2GB RAM Version with eMMC memory KDE runs fine (unless you open too much Firefox tabs).
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    Bruh, Ubuntu runs on anything. As long as it turns on. Now, go forth and run Ubuntu on your Yoda 300. ✌️ 😁
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    @suprano not mine, but my friend asked me if I can install it to her, because she got used to Ubuntu and likes that it's faster and doesn't get viruses like Windows 😁
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    @athlon btw when you use the default settings in the Ubuntu installer it didn't create a swap partition for me leading to various crashes due to not enough memory. You'll need swap. I also recommend enabling zwap and zram.
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    @JustKidding I always use manual install anyway
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    @jOkEr-jAsE it does! In laggy, slow and annoying way...
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