just learned that Kafka exists.
I was almost going to build an event bus from scratch, phew

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    If you didn't build it yet, how was one year wasted?
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    "So understand
    Don't waste your time always searching for
    those wasted years
    Face up... make your stand
    And realise you're living in the golden years"

    Sorry slightly off topic, couldn't resist looking at the tags
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    "just learned that Kafka exists". Oh really? Ironically, Kafka would have had some words to say about that statement.
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    @RememberMe that intro riff is so good
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    @irene Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform
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    @irene it is mostly used for big data analytics or data pipelines.

    When you deal with large amount of data, you need a streaming platform to feed the data to your pipelines or BI tools.
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    My hungry ass read this as kafta
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