Does that make sense...🤔🤔

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    I dont want it to
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    Well at least in MySQL you can store and search json objects. I don't recommend it, but when you don't want to normalise some data it comes in handy.
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    You can do it also in postgres, there is json type
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    @vane @C0D4 Feels weird...
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    Not really...
    Even if that works... Why? Just why?
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    @Konsole it's mind boggling the first time you do it. But I tend to only use it for non essential data that serves no purpose at a database level.

    non searchable, non relational data, or I couldn't be bothered setting up 2-3 more tables for a small piece of data that isn't going to be selected directly anyway.

    But I'm sure it has its uses for more practical data as well.

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    I like this little tool. https://nosqlbooster.com/

    I put my json data in a mongodb and with the little helper you can write sql statements to query it.
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    @Konsole well json is pretty nice format compared to xml and you can also store xml type, what is missing is storing yaml 🙂
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    @vane well I would take json over yaml anyday.

    And quick question, are there any performance benefits of storing as Jason?
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    @Konsole I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ it’s good to store unstructured data as json, maybe if you want to query both sql and json from one database and combine those results but I can’t think of any good usage example.

    But I am not database expert.
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