So apparently 15 years of indie dev experience means nothing in the corporate world...

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    For the majority of corporate, yes. Unless someone heard of or bought your product, most places consider it hobby work and you will have to be taught corporate politics.
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    Sadly, it's true.
    Well for the most part.

    Corporate looks for familiar company names, locations, the fact you've managed to Survive the political games and have contacts inside companies already, There's more to the corporate world than just being a drone on a keyboard.
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    it probably means quite a bit to them actually, if you were only up against someone with no experience what so ever, you most likely would still be passed up for the job. People that have had a taste of freedom tend to cause quite a bit of turbulence when granted passage into the land of the blind
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    @M1sf3t That makes a lot of sense. Thanks :D
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    @M1sf3t look if you don’t have a TDD Form filled out by the BA, TBA, and signed by the PO; how do you know what to write?
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    Remember everything you do, you have to know how to sell it. Maybe your sales pitch was to egocentric and not from the perspective what the employer wanted? Read up some blogpost on how to sell stuff and apply this to your story.
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    Do you have a degree? It helps with corporate
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    Maybe you didn’t wrote that you know word, excel and powerpoint.
    If you know Visio you can start from VP position.
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    Technical skill is important, but experience teaches you how to work in a team environment. Fifteen years of working alone scares most employers away, because it will usually mean you're too opinionated to work well with others. I work with one such developer right now. He's having a lot of trouble fitting in, because he's had it his way for a long time, and gets really abrasive when others don't fall in line with his thinking.
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    I can add more 3 eurocents: for development role, strictly development, or rather drone on the keyboard - is enough. But you are something more, aren't you? In corporate world you won't, for example, have the freedom to choose the server you want, you won't have root rights, or even you might have to ceremonies, like code review in certain way. You'll have those "individual goals" to fullfull... All of this is whole different world inside corporations.
    You sure can program, but you're not the right candidate for the company you applied to. And you should be happy, because you'd probably hate working there.
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    Some explanation:

    I do work a corporate job but the issue is that it has not been a technical job like I want. I know any company looking at Devs would be taking a risk on hiring me since all my corp. exp. is not programming related. It gets frustrating because I love the dev life.
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    @jrswab go to developers room and help them, if they’re nice people they will let you stay there ­čÖé
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    @vane hahaha good idea :D
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