When a Senior developer comes to help 😂

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    Oh hai!
    Now get out of the way and do it this way!
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    Right on 👍
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    This is me when I’ve given the interns a few hours for a task and have mad no progress. I love it cuz I’ll just kick them out of the chair, sit down and begin typeing start telling them what I’m doing literally just reading my comments out loud.. power thru a bunch of line changes across a bunch of files, (working as if the interns weren’t there) then I stop and say.... ready? ... they always say no way is that gonna work on the first shot, you changed to much in one session...
    I always say well there’s only one way to find out... confidently hit ctrl+b and then flash it to the chip. And walk away saying it’s your turn to test it.. every time I hear them whispering as their testing ... how the fuck does he do that 1 so fast, 2 and it works every time...

    I definitely have fan club among the interns hahaha.

    They always end up asking me the same question later... how do you do that so fast .. I always say, 1 I read the code/logic outloud along the way.. and I’m writing comments about what I’m gonna do on the line prior to writing the code.
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