Currently on the train to work:
*Guy pulls out his laptop

Me: *Oh nice. Dell laptop. Oh wait, shoot, that’s a Dell XPS 15. 😎Sweet!! Looks super clean. Get it boss, I salute you. Anyway, it’s probably running Windows 10 as expected. It’d be super cool if it run Ubuntu though.

*Guy lifts laptop lid.

Me: *Ahh, look how clean it is too. No fingerprints or smudges on the screen or keyboard. That’s my style. I like this guy. We can definitely share laptops.

*Guy powers on laptop

Me:*Woooooohooooo, no way!!! Gets a little tear of joy in my eyes. I want to hug this guy. This guy rocks. Oh mann, I want to start a conversation with him but can’t because another passenger is standing between us.

*The laptop run Ubuntu! 😍😱😁

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    Those people are rare to find, make friends with him!
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    I catch you eyein my laptop you finna catch these hands
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    Marry him
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    @tekashi swear to God. That's my biggest pet peeve in life: someone looking at my screens.
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    Huh! Is it headless?
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    😂 I see it now. Sir Nearly-Headless Nick.
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    @tekashi @stuxnet : Those of you talking about looking at someone’s laptop screen and blah blah blaaah.. I’m with you, even if someone is next to me, I don’t do it but looking at the angle of this guy and how big his laptop is, wouldn’t it draw you attention when he pulls it out, when the screen turns on bright from darkness? I was reading devRant posts on my phone raised and head up so yes, I saw him pull his laptop and turn it on and saw Ubuntu. That was it. Did I post what commands he typed or whatever else he did on the laptop? No, cos after seeing which OS he was running, it was none of my business what he does on there. I respect his privacy and don’t care what he does on there. Seeing a laptop brand and it booting up isn’t bad.

    And I didn’t show his face... again, cos of his privacy.
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    @Floydian Why? It says in his bio that he's always looking for new fun challenges.
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    @electrineer hahaha this guy.
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    I mean, if the dude wanted nobody to look at his laptop screen then he shouldn't be opening it up and using it on such a public place.

    Just saying.......there's a reason for those laptop screen tinters
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    You should talk to him!

    Anyway, its funny to see someone using a laptop like this. Here, even using a phone is dangerous. One I was reading on the bus, using and eBook reader and someone tried to get it from my hands throught the window. My luck was that I use to hold it tight.

    But you should try to talk to him if you see it again. Even without the laptop. :)
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    @brunofontes it's funny that you find that funny. That's how laptops are designed to be used, it's even in the name. I wonder if there are many places in the world where stealing is the norm.

    Can you imagine that there are places where you don't have to lock the doors of your car or your house and nothing gets stolen?
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    @electrineer this is hard to imagine.

    I mean, out of the downtown, we hear stories of someone that forgot a bicycle at the street and could get it on the next day.

    To have an idea, at least one a week I hear gun shots of a "favela" not so far from here. And a couple of hours ago my neighbor asked me a help to open the garage door, as two guys had stolen his car. He was hurted, because they tried to make him get inside the car with them and he could escape. More often then not, if you don't obey you end up dead.
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    @brunofontes sounds like a shithole to move out of
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    @brunofontes if you don’t mind me asking, what country/area do you live in?

    I’m sorry that you have to live in that environment, most of us take our safe and cozy homes in an area that has low crime for granted. Although, unless you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, nobody feels comfortable enough to leave their car or home unlocked.
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    @electrineer don't tell me. Anyway, it's nice to see that somewhere it is safe to use it. :)
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    @theKarlisK hahaha, true that.
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