If you haven't seen the video instructions for how to factory reset GE's smart light bulbs.

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH: https://youtube.com/watch/...

Theres also a twitter thread about this which includes screenshots of their instructions on how to count 2 seconds: https://twitter.com/NumbersMuncher/...

This is what happens when you hire a product manager with no experience and put them in charge of engineering, design, UX (who we kidding they def don't have one of these) etc. This is just magical

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    That's amazingly terrible
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    I had to check double this isn't from the onion.

    I'm curious how that insanity became reality and was actually intentionally implemented by a literate person.
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    Actually stopped working to watch this. Wasn't disappointed.
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    The one commenter said “it sounds like somebody narrating my unsuccessful foreplay” 💀
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    Let's be real here, this could be much worse.
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    Instructions unclear, bulb got stuck in toilet bowl, do I need to start over?

    Seriously, who comes up with stuff like this?!

    And I thought the "turn off and on 5 times with 2 second pauses" was bad enough with the Yeeligbt bulbs...
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    This is the 'Updated' video...
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    Comments are comedy gold
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    Factory reset a light bulb?

    World is ready for nuclear destruction..
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    @practiseSafeHex given your previous rants, do you happen to work for GE by any chance? 😅
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    @Commodore lol! No, I don’t.

    But my program lead did forward on an email today. He was asking me when mobile will be done with a certain task. The email he forwarded though, was from him, telling mobile there is nothing needed from them for this task.

    ... so I’m pretty close right?
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    What a piece of shit. How much do the GE folks have their heads up their asses that they didn't realise how crappy this is? How broken is that branch of GE? That beats even 1980s Japanese videocassette recorders.
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    @XiaoWo jvm will run on ANYTHING lol
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    All these people talking about firmware when this is a factory reset to unpair everything. This isn’t horrible considering it’s for the mass market, not guru fucking software devs.

    They could hide a factory reset function in the app though but they would be too easy.
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    I need to wash my eyes for 8 seconds and wait 2 seconds and wash again for 8 seconds...
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    Why not a button? -_-
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