The guard at our school thinks I'm hacking

My parents thinks I'm hacking

My teacher thinks I'm hacking

But all I did was only build Redis from source...


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    You Always can say 'Yes, and what you gonna do?' leaving the room, laughing like a villain or something like that.
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    But whyyyyy would you build from source??? It makes updating and patching so much harder!
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    @arcsector It's Gentoo, what do you expect, prebuilts?
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    @caramelCase repos... or at least use a standard linux distro with built-in security options like SELinux.
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    Me: if you leave this between us, no one needs to know what you do alone 😉
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    Lol, I showed my sister apt install and told her I was hacking the router.

    She believed me
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    I remember a place I worked, as there was only two of us who bothered to read the manuals on how the equipment worked, we were "the hackers"..

    I got a written warning from my manager because a member of staff had complained that I was "Worrying them before I knew more.."
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    @Nanos happened to explain your side to the manager though?
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    @zoridan I like the way you think
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    May the Sorce be with you
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    when i was a teen, one of my friend tough i was hacking...

    i was only downloading some files on my ftp server with the cmd.
    (it was 2007-2008)
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    did you have issues with those guards?
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    did you have issues with those guards?
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    Yes, but this was the time of emerging social progression, when it didn't matter what you did, only how someone else perceived it.

    Like nowadays, if someone yells "Hate Crime!" because you dared to mention online how they owe you money for coffee on a date, then the full force of the authorities are employed as if you was a mass murderer intent on another serial killing.

    Lesson there, don't read manuals on your lunch-break in the staff canteen where folk can see you.

    And, always pay for coffee on a date, and don't discuss going Dutch !
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    Oh and never talk about anyone on the internet..
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    You have gained yourself a new subscriber.
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    Totally 1337!
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    I was compiling something too and my parents thought in hacking
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    you damn hacker called 4chan, dont try to fool us!
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    @zoridan looks like typical idea in the comments of ThatWasEpic youtuber.
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