Few years ago a girl from our HR was hitting on my co-worker. She was asking all kinds of personal and professional favours just so he would come by her place, etc. One time she asked him to send her few C/C++ questions that she could use to thin the crowd of potential candidates before inviting them for the formal interview that he'd conduct later on. Obviously she wouldn't know if the answer is good or not but hell with it, he was ready to storm that pink fortress! So he came up with some mind twisters. She left two days later before he even reached the drawbridge. Sad.

So about six months ago he got fed up with some bullshit and left the company. Yesterday we had dinner. He was interviewing for quite some time being picky about which offer to accept and, surprisingly, during his last interview he got asked very familiar set of questions. He answered each. Then he couldn't resist and asked if the girl works there. The guy confirmed and, without a warning, called her. As if it wasn't awkward enough this is how I was told the conversation went:

- "Joan! You won't guess who I've got here! Your very good friend, Peter! Nope. Yeah, that one - how did you kn... Uh-huh. Oh? Yeah. Are you sure? I mean, I wouldn't. Deal!"

Then he turned out to Peter and said:

- "You know what? I wasn't going to hire you for shit because in my opinion your knowledge on the subject matter, how to put that gently, sucks ass... But apparently Joan here says you're professional and can handle everything we'll be able to throw at you. So when can you start?"

Needless to say he took the job. The fortress fell soon after and he wanted to meet to ask if I'm coming for the bachelor party. I'm ordering t-shirts with "batch mode off" in monospace.

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    The story and the comments section here are just polar opposite lol
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    @Mc-Lovin I personally like how nobody seems to notice Peter came up with those questions and the guy who was interviewing him thought he answered them badly. :D
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    @rutee07 Mr. Johny Sins is coming to town!
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    Nice story ☺️
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    Really wondering why the interviewer thought his knowledge on the subject matter was shit
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    @AleCx04 Honestly, my guess would be he didn't understand the questions or the answers. The longer I spoke with Peter the more it seemed that guy had everything put to him on the silver plate all his life (or at least for the most part) including that job... So unless you explain everything like he was five years old he'd think you don't know what you're talking about.
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    "He was picky about which offer to accept", I'm so jealous of him, I get so many rejections that I accept the first offer I get😭
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