Hi all! I've finally published my first open source project!

I give to you, The Web Toolbox! https://thewebtoolbox.cc/

A few years ago I used to make heavy use of thetoolbox.cc, but unfortunately it went offline. I thought I'd revive the project and improve upon the previous version.

I'm going to be adding new tools soon, and I'm really looking forward to any suggestions from the community.

Hope you all find it useful :)

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    Nice, gonna look at it some more as soon as I get home
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    @Marl3x Awesome, thanks! Let me know if you can think of any more tools to go on, the list hasn't been updated for a while but I'm going to add more soon
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    Nice, someone actually adds images to lists
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    hella dope, bookmarking this for later haha
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    I'd add jsnice.org as well as regex101.com

    Maybee you could also log the click in links, to rank them (like the more popular on top...)
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    @Wack Thanks, I'll look at adding those!

    I've considered statistics but unfortunately the stack isn't really capable of it. It's a static site deployed to GitHub Pages, so I guess I'd need to incorporate some back-end with database. Perhaps a Google Cloud Platform app 🤔
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