Started using Linux Mint. Cinnamon DE feels awesome !!! Bye bye Ubuntu !

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    Welcome to the LM side! :)
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    @netikras Yo 👍
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    Bye Ubuntu; hello Ubuntu derivative. Any point besides different DE?
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    @celestiallake Nothing much. Although I did notice better responsiveness.
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    @nash87 In Linux, you don't have to reinstall the whole / to get a DE, that's the point. Also, if you want responsiveness, try going for tiling WMs since they're usually very small and highly riceable.
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    @celestiallake You're right. I could have just moved from Gnome to cinnamon !
    Time wasted 🤦🏽‍♂️
    This calls for another rant ! 😅
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    Man... Turn to a rolling release. Just any one. You will be happy forever.

    Also have you tried kde? I feel it is much more feature rich than cinnamon.
    (Be warned though, kde on Ubuntu is a bit buggy. Mostly because Ubuntu repos don't have updated kde)
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    @Konsole Sure will try that
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