When a client refuses to pay you because they don't like the color of their logo.

I was hired to build a website.

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    You have learned a great lesson, charge up front. 💸
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    Sue the fuck out of them! :D
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    @ObjSal how... People don't if you don't have a huge portfolio ... Or if it a massive job installments....

    I can just take the site offline
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    @FitzSuperUser I think that for small project I would now charge 50% upfront, and when in the middle of development charge the other 50%. But for any size of project, seek help of a professional law person to help you create a contract which benefits you in any situation.
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    @ObjSal but I build my business based on transparency And honest that whilst protecting yourself isn't that
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    @FitzSuperUser based on my personal experience, clients don't care about transparency, and it got me in trouble just by being honest.
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    @FitzSuperUser or maybe it was just bad luck with a horrible client.
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    @ObjSal that does happen bad clients. But I know transparency can get you in trouble, but I see no reason to cover up. And if they want to try and damage my business ... Good luck to them , but that wouldn't go well for them.

    My transparency proves my skill I think.

    And by transparency I mean... They have access to stats right ... Most web companies withhold that so they can control the way the client sees them...

    Things like that. I'm so confident that the work I do is right it doesn't bother me if they can see what things I do and what effects that has.
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    @FitzSuperUser totally! I'm with you on that, I love to be transparent and honest, but no more freelance for me, got tired of bad clients.
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    ❎ Client not paid?
    ✅ Add opacity to the body tag and increase it every day until their site completely fades away
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