So this is what you find at Arlanda airport in Sweden...

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    (trying to make an emoji minecraft house)
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    @Codex404 is that a


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    @irene Basically 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @irene its probably the hall of fame or something.
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    @rutee07 at least I can find that ass with those coordinates
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    I never thought Microsoft would turn out to be a better owner of an intellectual property than the original indie creator.
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    I disagree.
    Explain yourself.
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    @Gregozor2121 Microsoft kept the devs at Mojang relatively independent while paving the way for solid new content patches. MC dungeons & world also look quite good — and modded has never been in better shape.

    Notch meanwhile... I don't care if someone spends the rest of their lives on their butt after selling out — but with millions of kids as followers, I don't think you should be tweeting shit like:

    "If you're against the concept of a heterosexual pride day you're a complete fucking cunt and should be shot"

    He's trying too hard to be edgy and bait, and that makes him utterly unfit as a public figure of a game played by kids.
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    @bittersweet Markus has made it pretty clear he isn't interested in being a public figure. It would be unfair to say he can't tweet what he wants because he made a game kids happen to enjoy, especially when he hasn't worked on it for like 5 years.

    I believe Microsoft's best contribution is the whole rewrite of the game (in C++ I believe), which has much better performance and came with cross-platform capabilities.
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    It was C# because it is microsoft.
    C++ might exist but C# allows them to ship the game on consoles as well.
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    I know C++ verson exists
    but there have to be an C# version also. Look at the wiki.
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    Bedrock Edition is C++.
    Probably Visual C++ lol
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    The PC version of Minecraft is written in Java. And that's the only version with good mod support. Minecraft for other platforms like Xbox and Windows 10 Store are probably C++ 🤷‍♂️
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    @rutee07 When pigs fly
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    @olback Java Edition? You mean the 2,581 bytes large version made in 2009 by Mojang for the Java4K contest?


    Bedrock (the unified console/win10 version) is very playable these days. Some small differences in things like redstone mechanics, but very playable, almost on par with Java Edition -- except for mods.

    It is written in C++, not in C#. When it comes to true cross-platform high-performance code, C++ is still king.
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    @bittersweet Though a lot of in-depth mechanics differ a lot. I guess the implementation is completely different from the original.
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    As someone who loves the intricacies of redstone (scicraft ftw) and technical modpacks, I do indeed use the Java edition.

    But from the perspective of most kids, there's pretty much feature parity, and the gap is closing.

    I'm hoping for a good modding framework for Bedrock, something which is useful and educational for kids as well.

    If I can teach my kids programming by letting them fidget around with a JS modding API for Minecraft Win10 edition, that would be amazing.
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