> writing important email
> switches to another tab to check something
> switches back

Safari: "This page was using significant memory, so we reloaded it."

*knife emote*

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    While Safari is clearly an absolute sod in that respect, it's 2019... don't virtually all email clients autosave a draft as you type?!
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    @irene what about it? I always prefer browser-based tools
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    @AlmondSauce I did have a draft, so that's good.
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    Safari is good but I do prefer Brave or Firefox developer edition
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    @irene oh noes! Electron is in my no-no list :) if the app can be used via browser - the browser is where it should stay. No le-tron ports to desktop!
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    Then you have to go crazy regarding Brave-Browser, since that's a browser, built on electron.
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    @metamourge why? should I become a fan of electron now or smth?
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    Chrome would never do that.
    dunno abt 🦊
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    I try to avoid doing that at all costs, so flaky !

    Email clients for me since almost the year dot !

    Where else do you store 20 years worth of emails..
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    Rip apple user🤣 🤣
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    Who uses email in a browser? Ew..

    Actually email in general needs to die.
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    @irene What shouldn’t be used instead? Depending on the business type if there’s an issue it needs to be logged. Nearly everything in email is either tasks or information. If a business and it’s people are setup properly then information can flow better. Email has its place but in realistically now only a tiny percentage of cases. The rest, just like traditional mail is junk.
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